Arduino LineFollower

Image of the Arduino LineFollower

This is a small but very fast line following robot. The robot is based on ATMega32U4 running at 16 MHz, powerful enough for handling many different type of line following algorithms and still have a lot of power left to do other things. The microcontroller is preloaded with the Arduino Leonardo bootloader making it directly programmable from the Arduino IDE. Using the prebuild library you can have a fully functional line following robot with only a few lines of code. All pins that are not directly used by the robot is available in standard 2.54 mm headers and there are two areas for you to solder your own components, making it very easy to expand the functionality of the robot. The 5 reflective sensors mounted under the board makes the line detection both precise and effective.

Hardware overview (image from the manual)


I have a few units packed and ready to ship but never come around to add them to my now discontinued e-shop but I did sell one unit to a customer at a robot event! This was actually the first project I used PCBA as a service (a company manufactured the board and mounted most components on it). If you are interested in buying a copy, send me a mail!

There are few LineFollowers in stock if you are interested.