Misc. projects

On this page, you will find a collection of projects I have done that are worth mentioning but not enough material to fill a whole page.

Micro Arduino board

I use a lot of Arduino Nano boards but they are still quite big so I designed a Micro Arduino board using a ATMega32U4 with some I/Os and a voltage regulator on the backside.

Apple picker

Sometimes my brain just comes up with an idea I need to try. For this small project, I had this idea how to design a griper and it turned out to be an apple picker.

A distance sensor is mounted in the center of the gripers base plate. If it detects a object close to the griper, it will automatically try and grab it by moving the three servos. Each servo controls one ”finger” of the griper. A button on the rod, releases the griper.

Flashing LEDs on a cap

A Micro Arduino board and some strips of WS2812 LEDs creates the perfect cap for dark and cold Swedish winter nights.

Mini sumo, 2nd generation

Second generation of my mini sumo robots, very much inspired by the Fingertech Robotics chassis but with integrated MCU (Arduino) and everything else required on the base plate.

Linuxbased tracked robot

Tracked robot based on a chassis I bought from AliExpress. Add a 3D printed head with dual displays and an Omega2 from Onion and you have a Linuxbased tracked robot. It is hard to tell from the images but in the head between the two displays there is also a camera mounted for remote controlling.

Playing with a STM32F746G-Disco

Some quick demos to test the capabilities of the STM32F746.

Rotating cube

Drawing triangles (I reached around 10000 triangles per second)

Plant supervisor

If you like plants but cannot remember to water them, this small project might be a solution for you. I took a Discovery-board from ST and added a humidity and temperature sensor (the very common DHT11) and some stainless pins that I stuck into the soil to measure the moisture. A quickly hacked program shows the temperature and humidity in the air and the moisture level over time on the Discovery display. If the moisture level is too low, a alert will be displayed. A 3d printed bracket keeps it all together.