The success in life is measured by the number of started projects,

not finished…

Far from all my projects require or earn a right to be remembered but those that do, you will find them here. As for everyone else, my time is limited and I need to carefully prioritize what to spend time on. I do believe there is a value to have the projects carefully documented, not only for my readers but also for myself, particulary when a project increases in complexity. Hopefully I will do better now that I have set up this site than I have been doing in the past! Enjoy!

Disclaimer: As all this work is done on a hobby-basis, I reserve the right to never finish a project and I leave no garantuee of the function nor content. Please treat these pages as inspiration sources rather than building instructions. All texts and images are copyright by AIVA-Robotics. If you want to use something on this site in commerical purposes, please contact me.